Founded in 2011 MQS Group has become not only one of the most successful small groups of companies in Iraq but also in Europe, by staying one step ahead of change throughout its journey . Adamant in observing in all its operations the principles and ethical values of administering corporate governance, undertaking social responsibility and providing environmental protection at international standards, the MQS Group is a global player constantly moving toward its objective of duplicating its success in Iraq at the global scale.​

Mohammed Al-Nasiri

Senior Managing Director

Waleed Ali

Managing Director (General Trading and General Contracting)

Haji Yaseen Ahmed

Managing Director (Rental Services)

John Miller



Dr. Mahmood Shexany was born in Erbil in 1989. He attended Al Ikhwa Middle School. He Graduted as a Medical Doctor from Hawler Medical University in 2013.

He ventured into business life in 2011. he had himself registered at Erbil Chamber of Commerce under the title, “MQS Group”.

While busy with trading on one side, he expanded his business receiving representative rights in Turkey of foreign companies such as IPS Germany and Carolina medex. He undertook contracting deals. He took his first step towards institutionalization of his enterprise by establishing Zari Bahez Company in Erbil in 2015.

Dr. Mahmood Shexany, considering charity work as a social duty, started his undertakings in the social environment with institutions such as: 

• Dr. Mahmood Shexany Foundationin 
• CMC Private Hospital as a Family Business
• Kurdish Education Endowment
• Kurdish Russian Medical Joint

He had a good chance of working with international organizations in Iraq such us UN, UNHCR and USAID and had many contracts with NGO's in

the area, and he got an international expirience as well.

He has attended and awarded CME Course at Harvard Medical School in Boston,MA, USA in 2015

He has attended Several Business Seminars and Forums in Europe.


Vrej Antonian

Managing Director (Oil and Gas)

Rezdar Mala Haji

Managing Director (Aviation)


Sameer Hassan

Managing Director (E-Commerce)

Zenab Q. Majeed

Board Member and Managing Director

Dr. Mahmood Qassim Shexany (MQS)

Chairman, Founder and Chief Exceutife Officer

Dr. Zakaria Qassim Shexany

COO and Deputy Chairman

Dr. Blnd Al-Naqshabandi


Board Members